Achain is my hidden gem for 2018

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They company was founded in 2015, and they have been researching blockchain techonology ever since. Last year July they launched their own blockchain, using the latest tech from their research. The currently have 1000 tps which is on par with neo and going to improve this in the future. They company has 60+ employees with 30+ developpers

But the best part of achain is their scaling solution, Basicly what they do is, they give every single company/project their own chain by forking off the achain mainchain. Then They will connect all the blockchains with their interoperatebility solution. So what you will get is a massive ecosystem with possible hunders of chains that all wil be connected to each other. And achain mainchain will be the connector off all these chains.

The reason why is coin is extremely undervalued is because it`s from chinaand only since the beginning from 2018 they started marketing in the west ,so nobody knows yet.

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