Social Media Alternatives On The Blockchain

Social Media Alternatives On The Blockchain
October 05, 2019
It was just a while ago that I asked my friend this question; “Do you think there will be any social media alternatives to the popular ones today?”.

We both came to the conclusion, that maybe one day but not in the near future. Looking back now, I can see just how wrong we both were.

At the time that I asked this question. I had no idea about Steemit, DTube, and BitTube, but I continued to search the internet for alternative platforms.

While searching back then, I noticed that there were a lot of adverts about cryptocurrencies being the next big thing.

This new information was of great interest to me, so I decided to do some more digging around about the subject.

My investigation brought back lots of videos about the topic, so I began to watch them.

I immediately liked what was being said about cryptos and could easily see a future for them. I understood the benefits they would allow us to have, even if some people would not see them at first.

I decided to do a few searches for the best cryptos of the future, as I wanted to gather some points of views, that would help me reach my own decision on what to do next.

Steem just kept on coming up over and over again, and so was beginning to become of interest to me. I just wanted to know more about Steem.

They say; that once you discover one great thing, it opens the door to another, and boy, just how right that statement was.

Steem opened the door for me to discover Steemit, and Steemit was the answer to the question I asked first at the beginning.

Steemit truly was an answer to the question I posed to my friend. It really was an alternative to the popular social media platforms that I was used to seeing, and on top of that it was only in beta stage.

It dawned on me, that if it was this good in the beta stage, what would it be like in the future.

I saw the vision and decided to invest in Steemit right away. I registered that same day, and on receiving my account confirmation, began posting, and also buying Steem to power up my account.

I have spent a lot of time on Steemit, and I have enjoyed that time very much. I will continue to contribute to the community as much as possible, since I truly believe in it.

I thank every member for being a part of the community, and hope for many more to join in the future.

Well done!