Ledger Nano S Not Enough Storage Left Solution

Ledger Nano S Not Enough Storage Left Solution
April 01, 2019
Since the Ledger Nano S update to version 1.5.5. Some users of the device have been reporting that it can now only hold a maximum of 2 to 4 Apps.

Now for those people who use the Nano S to manage more than 2 to 4 Apps at any one time, will definitely see this as a problem.

This problem comes about from the Nano S having a very low amount of flash memory to begin with, and as more and bigger updates are install this small memory is reduced even further.

At this present moment in time. The only fix or solution to this problem is one that some people may not like, and find inconvenient. To be able to use your Nano S with the Apps you need. You will have to uninstall and reinstall as you have need of them.

So for example; if you need to do a Bitcoin transaction, then you may need to uninstall another App such as XRP to make this possible. It is very important to understand, that you never lose your coins are tokens if you uninstall it from your Nano S device. Since once you reinstall an App, you will see the correct amount of coins and tokens again.

How to uninstall and reinstall an App

1. Connect your Nano S to your computer with the Ledger Live wallet open.

2. On the Left hand side of the Ledger Live wallet, select Manager.

This will open up the options that will allow you to uninstall and install an App. You now just need to click on the trash icon to uninstall an App, or on the install icon to install or reinstall an App.

For users of the Ledger Nano S who prefer not to do this, it is worth noting that the Ledger Nano X will soon be available. It promises Mobile support, Bluetooth functionality, and the ability to store up to 100 Apps at once.